Training Services

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Do you manage a maker space and are you looking to add some training to elevate the knowledge base of the space? We can help with that. We can work with you to customize a training curriculum that meets the needs of your space. Whether it is a lessons on Ohm's Law or how to assemble a PCB with surface mount components or a fun project like creating a remote control car that is controlled with hand gestures, we can deliver.  Any  training content we do focuses on the right balance of traditional classroom based teaching and hands on learning to keep makers of all age groups engaged. We can customize what we deliver based on your needs:

  • We can deliver the training + training materials + project kits
  • We can train the trainer + training materials + project kits
  • Training materials + project kits
  • Project kits
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The following is a list of example topics we can offer in our training services. This list is not meant to be exhaustive so you can always contact us for topics not listed here. We only offer training services for areas or projects we have expertise, if we don't feel comfortable with a topic we will tell you.  

  • Ohm's Law, series and parallel circuits, nodal analysis
  • Digital and logic circuit basics
  • Analog circuit basics
  • Arduino anything and everything
  • ADC and measurement fundamentals
  • Introduction to microcontrollers and embedded design
  • RF / Microwave basics
  • Example project courses: thermostat, remote car / robot, Amazon Echo controlled circuit, wireless sensor network, battery charging circuit, etc
  • PCB layout
  • Through hole soldering
  • Surface mount component soldering by hand