ForceTronics design, manufacturing, and product life-cycle management services

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Design Services:

Dynamic current measurement on GPS module

Dynamic current measurement on GPS module

Analog filter design

Analog filter design

Whether you are ready to turn a new product concept into reality or you want to add new capabilities to an existing project, we can help. Some of our areas of expertise are:

  • Embedded design: whether it is a simple microcontroller or multicore processor, we can help with both the software and hardware development for embedded designs
  • Measurements and sensors: we have vast experience with all kinds of sensors, from anemometers to pressure sensors. We also have expertise in ADCs, how to ensure you are getting the right speed, bandwidth, accuracy, and resolution in your measurements
  • Wireless communication: whether you design needs to communicate data over Bluetooth to a smart phone or over the cellar network to the cloud, we can help. 
  • Battery or low power design: we can help ensure your design is optimized for power efficiency to ensure the best battery life.
  • Vast programming environment experience: MS visual studio, Atmel Studio, TI CCS, MATLAB, LabView, VEE, Arduino, Atom, and more

Here are some example products that we have designed:

  • Wireless wind monitoring and alert system: for events using large tents or other temporary structures. Purpose is to alert people quickly when dangerous weather conditions threaten an outdoor event
  • Building automation system for reducing energy and water consumption. The system is setup and controlled via Bluetooth based Android app. 
  • Clean room monitor and control system: used to monitor and maintain air pressure level in clean room (set by user).  Also monitors filter condition, alerting user when filter has to be cleaned or changed
  • Created wireless temperature sensor network for industrial environment 
  • Designed motor drive section for all electric go cart

Design service pricing is based off a rate of $80 US per hour. 


Manufacturing services:

ForceTronics offers high quality PCB assembly services for surface mount and through hole parts. We can handle a wide range package types for ICs and component sizes down to 0402. We can also build custom cabling and wiring assemblies that can handle DC to microwave frequencies. We can even provide mechanical assembly to whole product manufacturing services. We specialize in high quality and low volume manufacturing, volumes equal to or less than 1000 units per month (varies depending on the design). Since our equipment is geared to target low volume manufacturing, we can beat any large US based electronics manufacturer since they have much more equipment overhead costs associated with any quote they give.

Manufacturing service pricing for PCB assembly is based off the number of SMD and through hole components in a design. Other manufacturing services is based off of skilled technician time and material charges.

Pick and place machine assembling PCB

Pick and place machine assembling PCB

Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.
— James Dyson

Product lifecycle management services:

When trying to get a product to market, designing and manufacturing are just two pieces of a larger puzzle when we consider the entire life of the product.  Once that product goes to market you must have technical resources ready to deal with parts going obsolete, defects and bug fixes, and the ability to add upgradea to ensure your product stays competitive in the market place.  We can help with our lifecycle management services, which we can tailor for your individual needs. This service is a great option for companies that want to add an electronic or IoT element to their design or an existing product, but are not ready to add the needed expertise or resources to the payroll to support the new venture. Here are some examples of what we can provide with our lifecycle management services:

  • Management bill of materials (BOM) and inventory, we will be responsible to ensure you have enough parts to meet your forecasts
  • BOM vendor management to ensure you are getting the best pricing on parts
  • Manage BOM obsolescence and redesign of product for part replacement
  • Create technical documents, such as datasheets, to ensure accurate documentation of product capabilities, safety warnings, limitations, and specifications
  • Provide technical support to determine source of product failures: operator error, product defect, manufacturing quality issue,  etc
  • Ability to quickely adapt to a competitive market place with quick turnaround product enchancements