ForceTronics LLC Consulting Services


Learn how open source development hardware can reduce R&D costs and get you to market faster

ForceTronics LLC Consulting Services is targeted at showing entrepreneurs and startups how open source development hardware can help you reduce design costs and get your product to market faster. It also can enable fast design prototyping to help you get investment money earlier rather than later. Open source hardware is often viewed as something geared towards hobbyists and not for real world commercialized designs, but this is not true. Open source development hardware abstracts a lot of the complexity of things like microcontrollers to allow users to get certain functionality up and running fast and easy. At the same time open source hardware also allows you to access the lower level functionality of the microcontroller to accomplish more complex design tasks. This gives you the ability to move quick on certain general aspect of your design with the functionality to deliver results on the more complex aspects of your design. To learn more contact ForceTronics today via Twitter or email. Please put "Consulting Services" in the subject line.

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