ForceTronics LLC Contracting Services

We can help you turn your idea into a reality 

Whether you are a startup, entrepreneur, or a hobbyist ForceTronics LLC Contracting Services can help you turn your idea into a reality.  We have a wide range of experience with electronic design tools, embedded software, and open source hardware to offer anything from technical guidance to design development. We offer two levels of contracting services to meet your individual needs:

Project Advice and Guidance: 

  • How to approach and start a electronic design project

  • Input on an aspect of the design that you maybe stuck on or need guidance

  • Recommend design tools, parts, or technologies to help you succeed

Help developing your design:

  • Embedded development (Atmel / Arduino)

  • Sensor selection and implementation 

  • Wireless and wired communication standards

  • PCB layout and design prototyping

ForceTronics Contracting Services Example: Let's say you want to build your own wireless greenhouse monitoring system, here are some ways we could help......

Costs and contact information

The "Project Advice and Guidance" starts at $50 US an hour. Development costs will start higher and will depend on the exact work and the scope of the work. Please note that you will not be charged if it is determined that ForceTronics skill set does not match your design needs. The first step to determine if ForceTronics can help you with your design is to contact us via Twitter or email. Please put "Contracting Services" in the subject line.

  • Email me at ForceTronics@gmail.com