nRF24L01+ Transceiver Shield

nRF24L01+ Transceiver Shield

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The ForceTronics nRF24L01 Transceiver Shield offers a great solution for integrating the popular nRF24L01+ Transceiver Module into your Arduino projects. The nRF240L01 Shield offers ultimate flexibility to your wireless projects with a built-in solderless breadboard, adjustable pin configurations, and a solderless pin header so you can swap out nRF24L01 modules. The nRF24L01 Shield also features:

  • 10uF electrolytic capacitor to ensure their is plenty of transmit power available to the nRF24L01+ Module
  • LED power indicator
  • Board cutout to allow easy connection to Arduino's with SPI headers like the Due

The nRF24L01 provides ultimate price flexibility with a low base cost and select-able options based on your needs:

  • Include nRF24L01+ Transceiver Module (add $1)
  • Include female headers with long pins to stack additional shields (add $1)
  • Pre-solder parts onto the board (add $4)

To keep cost down and to allow the user to customize the board, the shield does not come with parts soldered on. The base cost shield includes the following:

  • nRF24L01 Transceiver Shield PCB
  • 10uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 180 Ohm resistor and LED
  • 2x4 female header to connect nRF24L01 Transceiver Module
  • Two 2x4 female headers for mini solderless breadboard
  • Male pin headers to connect to Arduino boards and for jumper pins
  • Six 2.54mm jumpers

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Note: on the nRF24L01 Transceiver Shield the CE pin is connected to the Arduino digital pin 9 and the CSN pin is connected to the Arduino digital pin 10. The nRF24L01 IRQ pin is connected to Arduino digital pin 2 since on the Uno this is an interrupt pin. 

If you are new to the magnificent nRF24L01+ Transceiver Module, here are some video tutorials to get you started:

Arduino library on GitHub for using the nRF24L01+ Transceiver Module:

Eagle files for nRF24L01 Transceiver Shield on GitHub: