nRF24L01+ Transceiver Module

nRF24L01+ Transceiver Module


The Nordic nRF24L01+ module is an ultra low power RF transceiver IC for the 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band. With peak RX/TX currents lower than 14mA, a sub μA power down mode, and a 1.9 to 3.6V supply range. The nRF24L01+ is very popular in the maker community because of its low cost, low power consumption, and ease of use. It communicates with MCUs like Arduino over SPI and there is a comprehensive open source Arduino library that makes using it easy. It also features:

  • SPI communication interface that can handle both 5V and 3.3V logic
  • Built-in wireless network capabilities that supports up to 6 modules
  • Ultra low power consumption – months to years of battery lifetime
  • Better range capabilities than most Bluetooth modules

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If you are new to the magnificent nRF24L01+ Transceiver Module, here are some video tutorials to get you started:

Arduino library on GitHub for using the nRF24L01+ Transceiver Module: