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NodeMCU with ESP8266 WiFi SoC 12E


The NodeMCU features the popular and low cost ESP8266 WiFi system on a chip. The NodeMCU is an awesome development platform for IoT and home automation applications. Because of its popularity in the open source community, there is a wealth of example code and projects to leverage and customize for your unique needs (you can find some in the "Additional Info" section below). The NodeMCU comes Arduino ready and you can add it to the Arduino IDE using the board manager. It also has a built-in USB to serial chip so you only need a USB cable to program it. Below is a list of NodeMCU specs and features:

  • 9 GPIO or digital pins
  • SPI and Serial communication
  • FCC certified WiFi capability 
  • 1 ADC that has a range of 0V to 1V
  • 3.3V power supply and output
  • On board voltage regulator for Vin between 5V and 12V
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Additional Info

Below are some example ForceTronics projects that use the NodeMCU / ESP8266. Note you can also find example programs on the Arduino IDE