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Electrolytic Capacitor Kit


The Electrolytic Capacitor Kit delivers 10 different capacitance values, giving you 5 of each. That is 50 capacitors you get with this kit! Electrolytic capacitors are common fixtures in electronic circuits, used for filtering purposes and as energy reservoirs. This is a great kit if you are trying to build up your electronics lab with commonly used components. This kit consists of the following 10 different capacitor values (you get 5 of each):

  • 1uF
  • 2.2uF
  • 3.3uF
  • 4.7uF
  • 10uF
  • 22uF
  • 33uF
  • 47uF
  • 100uF
  • 220uF
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Electrolytic Cap Kit with Label.jpg
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