Arduino Uno Compatible Basics Kit

Arduino Uno Compatible Basics Kit

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Ever want to take the next step in the design process and start using the ATmega 328P microcontroller independent of the Arduino Uno infrastructure? Well this kit provides the basics along with the instructions for doing just that. The kit includes the following:

  • Atmel's ATmega 328P-PU MCU with the Arduino Bootloader installed so you can easily program it from the Arduino IDE
  • 16 MHz resonator to serve as the clock
  • 10kohm resistor and 100nF capacitor to configure the reset pin
  • 180ohm resistor and LED to connect to pin 19 (Uno digital pin 13)
  • 100nF capacitor to connect between AVCC and ground

The kit also provides an option to add-on a mini solderless breadboard or an FTDI board for programming the 328P from the Arduino IDE. To get started using the kit refer to the video tutorial and schematic in the "Additional Info" section below. 

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